Patio Doors in Des Moines, IA

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Clear Choice Exteriors applies our commitment to customer services in all our endeavors. When we’re installing new sliding windows, our technicians take great care to get every detail right. Our siding experts carefully and quickly install new vinyl siding. And we install sturdy, striking, and alluring patio doors throughout Des Moines, IA. We’re locally-owned and -operated. Our ownership team understands the importance of living up to the Clear Choice Exteriors name with every customer interaction. It’s why we offer such low prices on high-quality products.

Why Should I Install a Patio Door?

If your current door is falling apart or doesn’t fit well, then you should consider upgrading. But perhaps you have a beautiful view of the Iowa landscape from your backyard but only a small door. We can take care of that by installing a better door that allows you a better view of Iowa’s natural beauty.  We can even make a larger opening so you can enjoy grand bay doors. The possibilities are endless with a new patio door. Other benefits include: 

  • A bigger entryway will make it much easier to move large objects – like outdoor couches or new furniture – in and out of your house. 
  • A new patio door can vastly increase the amount of natural light that flows into your house, especially if the new door has Southern exposure! 
  • Patio doors – especially large ones – make the interior of your house seem larger, even if it isn’t. 
  • If you have children, you will have a better view of them from the house. If you worry about them while they play outside, a double-wide patio door should assuage some of those worries.
  • Clear Choice Exteriors uses high-quality glass with excellent UV protection and high energy-efficiency ratings. You may see a lower utility bill.

How Customizable Are Clear Choice Exterior Patio Doors?

Very! We’re homeowners too. We know our tastes don’t necessarily align with yours. We wouldn’t force our interior design tendencies on you. You’ll have the opportunity to choose a patio door that matches your sensibilities and one that comes in the color you want. A seamlessly integrated patio door makes your beautiful house even more vibrant. We don’t want to ruin that.


Why Should I Choose Clear Choice Exteriors for Patio Doors?

Many exterior door companies promise high-quality doors. They might deliver on that promise, but what they don’t offer is a fully-customized approach that matches your house’s exact specifications. Nothing is worse than an incorrectly installed door. If there are gaps in the sealing, it will let cold air in and jack up your utility bill. We avoid that problem by installing doors that fit perfectly.


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Your home is unique. Clear Choice Exteriors wants to keep it that way. What matters to you matters to us. However, quality also matters. We’re proud to sell durable, high-quality patio doors constructed from only the best materials. With a Clear Choice Exteriors patio door, you’ll receive a heavy-duty, yet sleek door with excellent windows and an efficient and anti-rust roller system. They’re maintenance-free and built to last. Contact us today.