Aesthetically-Pleasing Entry Doors in Des Moines, IA

Clear Choice Exteriors: Quality Entry and Exterior Doors

Don’t let an old and fading front door detract from the beauty of the rest of your house. Don’t wait to contact Clear Choice Exteriors if you can feel cold air coming in from the cracks around your door. Entry doors in Des Moines serve a valuable role because not only are they an essential visual component of your home, they also deliver practical benefits. We offer two varieties: fiberglass and steel. We believe each provides a wealth of benefits to our clients. Contact us today to get started installing your new entry door!

Why Should I Choose a Fiberglass Entry Door?

Clear Choice Exteriors installs fiberglass doors in our Des Moines, IA customers’ homes. We choose fiberglass because of the durability and versatility they provide. For instance, unlike wood entry doors, fiberglass won’t warp, crack, or rot. It also reacts well to frigid temperatures, something Iowa residents appreciate because they are well-insulated. Beyond practical benefits, fiberglass doors look just like wood. They can be painted any color you want and require no yearly re-finishing to stay pristine and gorgeous. Your neighbor’s wood doors will rot and warp, and yours will remain the same, and they’ll never know you don’t have a wood door. If you don’t want a fiberglass door, Clear Choice Exteriors also sells steel doors.


Why Should I Select a Steel Entry Door?

We understand the appeal of a wood entry door. It’s what most people think of when they think of entry doors. But in a climate like Iowa, wood is not the best choice for your door. That’s why Clear Choice Exteriors provides alternatives to wood that directly benefit our customers while retaining the appearance of wood. So, why should you elect to install a steel door?

  • Curb appeal
  • Durability
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Nearly maintenance-free
  • Cost-effectiveness


How Does Entry Door Installation Work?

We won’t begin work until you’ve received a no-obligation free quote. We speak with you and tell you about our options, ask what you want from your door, and take measurements – including the width, length, and depth of the space where the door will go. If you decide to move forward, we remove the old door, install the new one, and make necessary adjustments. We try to work as quickly as we can, but we never cut corners. Professional measurements and installation ensure the door fits, it looks great while providing all the benefits steel and fiberglass doors deliver.


Give Clear Choice Exteriors a Call to Get Started

Clear Choice Exteriors is Des Moines, IA’s top source for exterior door installation. We’re locally-owned and -operated and offer high-quality products at reasonable and fair rates. Our ownership team emphasizes customer service. One of the ways we satisfy our clients is by delivering energy-efficient products. We know how important your budget is, and we believe you’ll be amazed at the difference a new entry door makes on your bottom line. In addition to entry doors, our specialists re-side homes and install windows.