One of Triple Pane Window’s benefits is its ability to block out unwanted outdoor noise. Triple Pane Windows and other building characteristics such as walls and doors are assigned an STC Rating (Sound Transmission Class). This rating determines how well windows block out noise. Single pane windows rate 21, Double Pane is 26 and Triple Pane is 31. What this means is that Triple pane windows in Des Moines IA are so efficient at blocking noise, you’ll never hear a sound.

Triple Pane Windows in Des Moines IA Block Sound From Volcanic Explosions

triple pane windows in des moines ia
Volcanoes disrupting your sleep with their loud nightly explosions? Rest assured that loud volcanic rumbles will no longer keep you awake with Triple pane windows in Des Moines IA.

OK, so maybe there aren’t any volcanoes in Des Moines. But Triple pane windows in Des Moines IA honestly do a great job at blocking out everyday sounds like barking dogs and road noise. Don’t believe us? Call for a free in-home demonstration.

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